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Adolph Rickenbacher

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 3 months ago

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Andrewa :


i notice you left a note on the adolph rickenbacker page. he changed his name later than ww1. if you notice the early guitars say it with a bh. eddie rickenbacker change his name during ww1, then became famous. they were cousins and both grew up in columbus ohio. so to help himself he changed his name to the bk version, so people would associate it with eddie. oh and he died in april of 1974. his wife died in 1969. she was the hier to the union 76 fortune. adolph is my great grandfathers brother. my uncle, who is still alive used to live with him when he moved to california.


- comment left anonymously from IP on 2 April 2007

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