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What is this?


This is a wiki project designed primarily to collect oral history. It was inspired by a post to a Wikipedia talk page.


There's lots of useful stuff that people would like to contribute to Wikipedia, but which just doesn't fit there. It's often added in good faith, only to be edited out, or an article is created in good faith, only to be deleted. And it's useful content. It's just not useful encyclopedia content.


Oral history is an example. But, unlike things that might be transwikied to other WikiMedia Foundation projects such as WikiSource, WikiQuote or WikiBooks, there didn't seem to a place for oral history.


Until now!


Hopefully, in time this wiki will end up as a great big mess of uncoordinated facts and fictions, with a few underresourced indexes. Like the WWW itself. That's OK. It's better than nothing! Again like the WWW.


It doesn't much matter what the pages are called. If they contain oral history, tag them as data.


Have a go, and be bold. That's how wikis work best.


What belongs here?


Anything that:


1. Is useful information of historical interest (however slight).


2. Can legally be put here. That is, there are no copyright problems, it doesn't contain libel, slander, death threats, child pornography, any stuff like that.


3. Doesn't belong in Wikipedia, Wikiquote, Wikisource or other Wikimedia Foundation projects.


This material includes:


  • Rumours


  • Hearsay


  • Interviews


  • Reminiscences


  • Literature from past ages, for example unpublished original fiction and poems


What doesn't belong here?


  • Recent original fiction, poems or songs (set up your own website for these, or submit them to a site such as Wikinfo)


  • Your own opinions (start a blog or join a discussion group for these)



So why isn't this a Wikimedia project, like Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and so on?


The Wikimedia Foundation hosts lots of cool wikis, most notably and originally Wikipedia. But to set up a new Wikimedia project, you need to jump through lots of hoops. Maybe we will someday, or you can. Meantime, this one was set up with a minimum of fuss.


Why isn't there more stuff here?


Because nobody has added it yet. Feel free to do so!


Will my stuff be kept, or deleted?


One obvious reason for people to come here is that stuff they contributed to Wikipedia has been deleted, either edited out of the page to which they contributed, or deleted when the whole article was deleted. Wikipedia has rules, and gatekeepers who enforce them (sometimes).


Here we will have rules too, but they will be different rules. For example, Wikipedia doesn't permit original research, while here, we love it. Just so long as it's preserving oral history along the way.


The rules here will evolve, just as they have at Wikipedia. But in a nutshell:


If your material is valuable and legal, it will be kept. If it's nonsense, or illegal, it will be deleted. Or that's the intention. Fair enough?


What about copyright?


Good question! See the fine print.


See also


What is oral history?

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