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What is oral history

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What is oral history?


According to Wikipedia:


Oral history is a discipline and method within history, that consists primarily of the recorded interviewing of those who experienced certain historical events first-hand by a trained historian.


Others are stricter.


According to the Oral History Association of Australia:


* Oral History is the recording of memories of people's unique life experiences. Often the only way to find out about the past is to ask someone who knows about it.

* Oral history creates a record or supplements existing ones. Through oral history the past comes alive. People can be much more interesting than documents.

* Oral history preserves the past for now and for the future. The recording of oral history is a two-way process in which someone shares memories with an interviewer who has carefully planned an interview.

* Oral history preserves voices, accents and vocabularies of individuals interviewed.


Here we aren't quite that strict!


  • We accept text input, not just recordings.


  • We accept memories of memories. If your grandad told you something years ago, it belongs here, even if he's no longer around, or able, to tell the story any more. It's still valuable to us... maybe more so, as other oral historians evidently don't want it.


  • We're amateurs. We don't always plan careful interviews. We just do our best.


See also


  • Wikiinfo, a wiki encyclopedia at which Original research and Original ideas are welcome (which is of course a very different attitude to that of Wikipedia).

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